Reiki Treatment...The Alternative Center in Nong Khai, Thailand offers one hour therapeutic sessions. While Reiki is renowned for it's effectiveness in healing long-term acute illness, Reiki treatments are also appropriate as a general tune-up in times of "normal" health. In addressing either chronic illness or as a general tonic, Reiki uses the same principles. Ethereal "cosmic" energy is channeled to the human aura. Rather than offering their own energy, the practitioner merely serves as a conduit for readily available universal energy which pervades the atmosphere around us. It is either a lack of or an imbalance in this ethereal energy in the auric field that gives rise to the various infirmities which beset the average person. When the aura becomes energy deficient, illness follows. A Reiki treatment will help to alleviate the roots of ill-health and stimulate a feeling of general well-being. Treatment by appointment. Cost: 1,100 Baht/1 hr. session.

Reiki Initiations...As a Master in the Usui System Of Reiki Healing, Beatrix offers initiations to the levels of Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki IIIA and Reiki IIIB . Reiki has long been the province of specialized esoteric healers but has lately emerged as a simple, easy to learn technique readily accessible to the average person. Using a time honored system of ritualized initiation, Reiki can be learned by anyone.

Reiki I is the basic foundation of the system. The initiation is spread out over 4 days and prepares the adherent to channel the healing energy for which Reiki is famous. Reiki I is especially recommended for self-healing or else one-on-one therapeutic situations.

Reiki II is the follow up to Reiki I. As well as refreshing and expanding on the basic techniques acquired in Reiki I, Reiki II empowers the student to channel healing energy over a distance.

Reiki III has two possible options. Reiki IIIA is for students who would like the Master initiation as part of their own spiritual path but are not interested in teaching. Reiki IIIB is an apprenticeship program for those interested in becoming Reiki Masters and conducting their own initiations*. The length of apprenticeship and methodology used varies from student to student according to the level and needs of the individual. The Reiki III initiation serves to help the student deepen their awareness regarding their higher purpose in this life. Beatrix offers regular scheduled initiations for both Reiki I and Reiki II. Reiki III is offered by special arrangement.

*Reiki IIIB...notes on the Reiki Master aprentiship program:

No two people are exactly the same. In keeping with this basic understanding, the mode of training will be tailored to the individual student's level of personal development, metaphysical understanding, and sensitivity to subtle energy.
While each Master training might be slightly different, it is mandatory that all master students participate in at least three Reiki I, three Reiki II, and three Reiki IIIa initiations. This will help to deepen their knowledge of the metaphysical aspects of energy work (i.e. the direct psychosomatic connection between body and mind) and provide valuable practical experience to equip the student to be able to effectively handle different situations encountered during healing sessions.
After this first stage is complete, the next step involves direct training to impart the basic technical skills necessary to empower someone else with the ability to give Reiki as a healing modality. During this stage, the first step is a theoretical grounding in the techniques of initiation for Reiki I, II, and III to be followed by actual attendance during live initiations for each of these levels.
I personally consider the student's level of spiritual development of primary importance in terms of determining their qualification for Reiki Mastership. This is not linked to any distinct religion, sect, or spiritual tradition. It is more a general and widely integrated understanding of the divinity of each living being and the direct interconnection of all universal existence. With this understanding comes the direct experience of Love as the underlying principle that animates all creation and serves as the true 'healer' which resides in all of us.
In keeping with this, the Master training becomes a true journey of profound personal healing.
After completing the Master training the student will then be able to teach and empower others in the art of Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III.

Location...The Nong Khai Alternative Center is located in the quaint town of Nong Khai, Thailand. Situated on the Mekong River 11 hours by train due north of Bangkok, Nong Khai is easily accessible by either bus, train (from Bangkok, there are several trains a day directly to Nong Khai...second class sleeper on one of the night trains is especially recommended) or air (Thai Airways has several flights a day to Udornthani and provides limousine service right to our doorstep in Nong Khai). We are 20 kilometers downstream from Vientiane, Laos. Once in Nong Khai we are easy to find...just ask for the Mut Mee Guest House. Most students stay at one of the nearby guest houses (we are located right next door to the beautiful Mut Mee Guest House). A wide variety of wholesome food (both Asian and western, vegetarian and non-vegetarian) is available in the neighborhood.

Beatrix Schilcher has been involved in the healing arts since the early 1980's. A long time yoga teacher and astrologer, she was initiated into both Reiki I and Reiki II by Barbara McGregor one of the worlds leading exponents of the Usui System. After years of personal practice, Beatrix was initiated to the level of Master by Ewald Mahl-Rögge of Rheda, Germany. She currently shares time between Nong Khai, Thailand and Tokyo, Japan.

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