Evolutionary Astrology...of the many facets of astrological inquiry, Evolutionary Astrology is specially focused on the evolutionary development of the individual...it assumes that each of us is moving along a self-chosen path; life's experiences, both positive and negative, are self imposed lessons to aid in this progression...using the movements of the planets as reference points, Evolutionary Astrology can determine the direction from which we have arrived at our current state and then provide critical insight as to where we are going in this life...this information can serve as a valuable tool, not only helpful in understanding our present circumstances, but also gives us a base of understanding on which to build a future which insures that we reach our highest potential in this life.

What We Offer...The Nong Khai Alternative Center in Nong Khai, Thailand is the year-round home of Beatrix Schilcher, a highly qualified Evolutionary Astrologer...while a personal 'face to face' counseling session is the most preferable, 'remote' readings are also an option for those who can't make it to Nong Khai...in this case, easy to access computer audio files are sent via e-mail...Beatrix offers various types of readings:

Birth chart readings...this is the basic astrology counseling session...using the position of the planetary bodies at the moment of birth, basic assumptions can be inferred relating to the evolutionary state of the individual...this information can be invaluable as a tool for self-realization...a typical "reading" takes around two hours and comes complete with a copy of the birth chart and an audio recording of the session.

Transit and Progression Readings…while the birth chart deals with the set of personal circumstances present as we enter this life, various life experiences serve to influence and change the personality after birth...by charting the movements of the planetary bodies during our life we can gain insight into the various factors influencing our present situation and help to understand it as part and parcel of a larger pattern...this "astrological update" can help us understand not only the current state of affairs in our lives but also detect trends helpful in understanding our future...a transit and progression reading is suitable for someone who has already had a birth chart reading and is comfortable with the information contained therein.

Synastry and Composite Readings…this is astrology for couples...understanding the interrelationship of two different birth charts can shed light on the inner workings of human relationships...human attraction is a strange and wonderful thing and a synastry and composite reading can point out many of the influential factors that belie our relationships and indicate both the strengths of and the challenges to them...this type of astrological counseling can be done with either one or both of the parties present.

Prices...The cost for either a Birth Chart reading or else a Transit/Progression Reading is $100 US....please note that the 'local' price for readings in Thailand is 1,900 Baht. For Synastry and Composite Readings the cost is $120 US. The "local' price for a Synastry/Composite Reading is 2,200 Baht.

New! "Mini" Astrology Readings...These are 30 minute, highly focused recorded readings...there are three options:

30 minute "Core Dynamic" mini-reading…this focuses on the basic, underlying message of the natal chart...($50 US)

30 minute "Root Cause of Disease" mini-reading…this focuses on deeper 'root' causes of health challenges...($50 US)...special note: this type of reading comes with a 20% discount when part a total package in conjunction with a 'Health Consultation' with Pancho or a 'Spectral Healing' session with Beatrix

30 minute "Transit" mini-reading…this is designed to answer a specific question(s) concerning your present situation in life...($50 US)

Location...The Nong Khai Alternative Center is located in the quaint town of Nong Khai, Thailand. Situated on the Mekong River 11 hours by train due north of Bangkok, Nong Khai is easily accessible by either bus, train (from Bangkok, there are several trains a day directly to Nong Khai...second class sleeper on one of the night trains is especially recommended) or air (Thai Airways has several flights a day to Udornthani and provides limousine service right to our doorstep in Nong Khai). We are 20 kilometers downstream from Vientiane, Laos. Once in Nong Khai we are easy to find...just ask for the Mut Mee Guest House. Most students stay at one of the nearby guest houses (we are located right next door to the beautiful Mut Mee Guest House). A wide variety of wholesome food (both Asian and western, vegetarian and non-vegetarian) is available in the neighborhood.

Beatrix Schilcherhas been involved in the spiritual and healing arts since the early 1980's...her own evolution as an astrologer has taken her into the realms of 'evolutionary astrology'...as an ardent advocate of the spiritual implications of astrological understanding, she combines her own background as a yoga teacher, reiki master, and professional artist with her vast store of astrological understanding and has years of counseling experience...residing in Nong Khai, Thailand, she offers astrological counseling by appointment...for more information contact Beatrix at: pantrix@hotmail.com

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